Samaná Peninsula

The picturesque and romantic Samaná Peninsula in the Dominican Republic is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. Mountains shelter it from powerful hurricanes, and in winter humpback whales come to the coast for their "honeymoon. On deserted beaches with white sand and palm trees you can spend a whole day carefree. Go here not only to swim and sunbathe - Samaná is considered one of the best places for deep-sea diving. Especially popular among divers are Las Galeras Bay, the beaches of Playa Las Terrenas and Playa Fronton.

There are six national parks on the peninsula. The most famous is Los Haitises National Park. Tourists are offered jungle walks, kayaking through mangrove groves, excursions to caves.

The pride of Samana is the El Limón waterfall in the Sierra de Samana. Streams of water fall from a height of 40 meters into the lake. Another iconic place is the island of Cayo Levantado. Its beaches are covered with sand the color of white gold, and under the water there are colorful coral reefs.

The Samaná Peninsula is famous for its quiet, pristine beaches, shining turquoise Atlantic waters, lush mountain forests, an abundance of coconut palms, and the small lively towns of Las Galeras, Las Terrenas, Sanchez, etc. It is here, because of the amazing beauty and charm of the local nature, that many Dominicans prefer to spend their vacations. In winter thousands of humpback whales enter the coastal waters of Samaná, attracting many tourists wishing to see this unique spectacle. Not surprisingly, the peninsula's coastal waters are very popular with cruise ships. The nearby El Catey International Airport and new, modern roads make the Samaná Peninsula the northern gateway to the Dominican Republic. Only 34 hours by sea from Miami, Samaná is on the route of most Eastern and Southern Caribbean cruises. Stopping at this point gives cruise lines more flexibility in planning their ship schedules, reducing overall congestion in Caribbean waters. Samana Bay is enclosed by the peninsula to the north and the "continental" Dominican Republic to the south, making it an ideal anchorage. The distance from the cruise ship anchorage to the Samana pier can vary from 4 to b km.

Cruise ship passengers can also visit the coastal island of Cayo Levantado, which attracts tourists with its beautiful green parks, great for picnicking and relaxing. The small port of Cayo Levantado can accommodate four forty-meter yachts at a time. On the island there is a large number of restaurants with traditional Dominican cuisine, with a total capacity of up to 1500 guests. All along the shore are lounge chairs on which cruise ship passengers can relax and enjoy picturesque views of the ocean.